Scrap Aluminum Recycling Austin

At Gardner Metal Recycling, we buy all types of aluminum including cans, window and door frames, sheet metal, and aluminum alloys.

Aluminum is a very useful metal and is almost always in demand. From kitchen utensils to siding, this lightweight and malleable material can be found all around us.

How Much Is Aluminum Scrap Worth?

Because the price of metal fluctuates from day to day, it’s impossible to give an exact rate for aluminum scrap. Many things can cause the market rate of aluminum recycling to change, including supply and demand. If demand for aluminum increases—or if it is more difficult to export aluminum from other countries—the rate for recycled aluminum scrap can rise.

The quality of your aluminum will also affect its value. If your aluminum material is alloyed with another metal, like copper or zinc, that may impact how much it is worth. Paint, grease and dirt on aluminum scrap will also affect the price we can offer.

Because the rates for aluminum recycling fluctuate daily, it’s best to give us a call first. We can tell you if we can accept your material and get you a quote for your scrap right away!

As Austin's premier aluminum recycling center, we offer competitive pricing for your aluminum scrap with easy and professional drop-off. And because we want to encourage aluminum recycling for the good of our planet and economy, most aluminum material is considered for purchase.

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