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With more than 60 years of experience, Gardner Metal Recycling offers a full range of services for a variety of industries. We pride ourselves on our superior service, comprehensive solutions, and tailored recommendations right-sized to fit your business needs.

Whether you manage a manufacturing or industrial facility, are a contractor or utility service provider, or are simply an individual with metal on your hands, we’re ready to help you with all of your scrap metal recycling in the Austin area.

We’ll help you price scrap metal, schedule pickups or drop offs, select and rent containers and craft a customized scrap metal recycling plan that works for you — no matter your business.

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Manufacturing and Industrial Metal Recycling in Austin

At Gardner Metal Recycling, your Austin scrap metal buyers, we deliver reliable weighing and competitive pricing to manufacturers, machinists, sheet metal fabricators and more. From metal shavings to machine shop scrap to metal remnants, we weigh your scrap metals using our reliable scales, which remain in full view for you to see.

Our team specializes in handling the diverse and often large volumes of scrap metals generated by major manufacturing and industrial companies in the Austin area. Our services are specifically designed to cater to the unique metal recycling needs of key industries:

Aerospace Industry Scrap Metal Recycling in Austin

In the aerospace manufacturing sector, a project's scrap byproduct encompasses a diverse range of materials. This includes sheet metal offcuts from aircraft body fabrication, metal shavings and filings resulting from the precision machining of components, and discarded parts from engine assembly and maintenance. These scraps, often composed of specialized metals like titanium and high-temperature alloys, require expert handling and recycling processes. At Gardner Metal Recycling, we specialize in managing these varied forms of aerospace scrap, ensuring they are recycled efficiently and in compliance with industry regulations.

Automotive Manufacturer Scrap Metal Recycling in Austin

In the automotive industry, vehicle production results in various types of scrap metal, a byproduct of numerous manufacturing processes. At Gardner Metal Recycling, our services are fully equipped to manage and recycle this range of automotive scrap. This includes steel offcuts and sheets from body and frame manufacturing, aluminum components from engines and panels, and even smaller parts like wiring and trim.

Each of these materials, from the bulky steel frames to the finer aluminum shavings, is processed with care and responsibility. This ensures that they are recycled effectively and reintegrated into your production cycle, thereby contributing to a circular economy and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Metal Fabricator Scrap Metal Recycling in Austin

In fabrication shops where a diverse range of metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper are commonly used, the scrap generated from various processes is just as varied. At Gardner Metal Recycling, we recognize the unique recycling needs of these different metals. Our approach is to offer customized recycling plans, meticulously crafted to align with the specific requirements of your fabrication operations.

Whether it's dealing with the remnants from cutting and shaping or handling the byproducts of welding and assembly, our team is committed to providing solutions that not only facilitate efficient recycling but also support the sustainability goals of your fabrication processes. This tailored approach ensures that all your metal scrap, regardless of type or volume, is recycled effectively, adding value back to your business.

Aviation Manufacturer Scrap Metal Recycling in Austin

In the aviation industry, where specialized metals like aerospace-grade alloys, titanium, and high-performance composites are frequently used, the nature of scrap generated is unique and requires expert handling. At Gardner Metal Recycling, our team is experienced in managing the recycling of these specialized aviation materials. Our services are designed to process and recycle aviation-specific scraps efficiently, such as components from engine overhauls, structural elements from airframe repairs, and various other metal parts used in aircraft manufacturing and maintenance.

This specialized approach allows aviation manufacturers to concentrate on their primary operations, secure in the knowledge that your scrap metal recycling needs are being handled responsibly and proficiently by our experienced team.

Technology and Electronics Manufacturer Scrap Metal Recycling in Austin

In Austin's vibrant technology and electronics manufacturing sector, the generation of scrap metal is inevitable. Gardner Metal Recycling is well-equipped to handle the unique recycling challenges of this industry. Our services cater to the recycling of various metals found in tech and electronics manufacturing, such as gold, silver, and rare earth metals used in circuit boards and electronic components.

We also manage more conventional metals like copper and aluminum, commonly found in electronic devices. Our precise recycling processes ensure that these valuable and often delicate materials are recovered and repurposed efficiently, supporting the tech industry's sustainability efforts and contributing to a circular economy in the electronics sector.

Renewable Energy Manufacturer Scrap Metal Recycling in Austin

At Gardner Metal Recycling, we offer specialized services for renewable energy manufacturers in Austin, focusing on recycling valuable metal scrap byproducts from their production processes. This includes handling scraps like aluminum frames from solar panels, copper wires, and steel from wind turbine structures. Our efficient recycling solutions not only help these manufacturers manage waste but also contribute to reducing production costs by turning scrap into recoverable assets. This approach aids in optimizing the manufacturers' bottom lines by providing a financial return on materials that would otherwise be discarded.

Construction and Agricultural Manufacturing Scrap Metal Recycling in Austin

For the Construction and Agricultural Manufacturing sectors in Austin, Gardner Metal Recycling provides targeted services to recycle specific types of scrap metal. These sectors typically generate heavy steel scraps from construction machinery, aluminum offcuts from agricultural equipment fabrication, and copper from electrical components. Our focus is on efficiently recycling these materials, helping manufacturers to reduce waste and recycle valuable resources. This service is crucial for supporting the sustainability of these industries while also contributing to your financial efficiency by turning scrap metal into a recoverable asset.

By partnering with Gardner Metal Recycling, you can trust that your scrap metal will be handled responsibly, efficiently, and in an environmentally friendly manner. Our commitment is to provide seamless and hassle-free recycling services that align with the unique demands of your industry, helping you maintain operational efficiency and sustainability.

We also can put together a customized recycling plan that works for your business. We can deliver a bin or roll-off dumpster to your facility, schedule regular pickups, or put together a hybrid plan of services to collect and recycle your scrap metals. Our expert team will partner with you to help you set up and manage your scrap metal recycling program, and you can depend on us to deliver our services when and where you need them. Metal recycling in Austin doesn’t have to be difficult, we make it easy; let us prove it to you.

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Contractors—Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC

Working with all types of contractors—from general construction to electrical to plumbing and HVAC to demolition—Gardner Metal Recycling offers a range of services to help you recycle your scrap metal in Austin. With our transparent processes, you can watch as we weigh your scrap metals. Our expert team monitors the current pricing for all metals and will pay you accordingly without delay.

General Construction Scrap Recycling

For general construction contractors, Gardner Metal Recycling provides comprehensive solutions to manage and recycle various metals found on construction sites, including steel from structural components, aluminum from siding, and copper from wiring. We do not accept materials like concrete, wood, or any asbestos-containing materials, which are commonly encountered in construction projects. Our services ensure efficient waste management, helping contractors maintain clean and organized sites.

By recycling these materials, we assist in reducing environmental impact and contribute to resource conservation. Our process includes sorting, grading, and processing the scrap, offering a streamlined approach that aligns with the busy schedules of construction projects, ultimately enhancing the profitability and sustainability of your operations.

Electrical Contractors Scrap Management

Electrical contractors frequently deal with various types of scrap metal, including copper from wiring, brass fixtures, and aluminum housings. However, we don't accept electrical components with hazardous substances or uninsulated wires, ensuring safe and responsible recycling practices. Gardner Metal Recycling's services are designed to handle these materials efficiently, providing a crucial solution for the disposal and recycling of these valuable resources.

Our process not only involves careful sorting and recycling of these metals but also ensures that contractors receive competitive compensation for their scrap. This approach not only aids in reducing environmental waste but also enhances the profitability of the electrical contractors' business, turning scrap disposal into an opportunity for financial return.

Plumbing Metal Recycling Solutions

Plumbers typically encounter a range of scrap metals, such as copper pipes, brass fittings, and stainless steel fixtures. We are unable to accept any non-metallic materials or plumbing components with hazardous waste. At Gardner Metal Recycling, we specialize in recycling these materials, offering plumbers a reliable and efficient way to dispose of their metal waste.

Our process includes meticulous sorting, grading, and recycling, ensuring each type of metal is handled appropriately. This service is not only environmentally responsible but also financially beneficial for plumbers. By turning scrap metal into a recoverable asset, we help plumbers reduce waste and contribute to their overall business efficiency.

HVAC System Scrap Metal Recycling

HVAC contractors generate a unique mix of scrap metals, including copper from coils and refrigerant lines, aluminum from fins and ductwork, and steel from structural supports. However, we do not recycle refrigerants or any hazardous materials found in HVAC systems. Our process maximizes metal recovery, offering profitable recycling solutions for HVAC contractors.

At Gardner Metal Recycling, we offer specialized recycling services that cater to these materials, helping HVAC contractors efficiently manage and recycle their metal waste. Our processes are designed to maximize recovery and value from these metals, providing a sustainable and profitable solution for HVAC contractors. By choosing our services, contractors ensure responsible scrap processing, enhancing their business's sustainability and financial return.

Demolition Project Scrap Metal Recycling

Demolition contractors may produce a wide range of scrap metals in their projects, including steel from structural elements, copper wiring, and aluminum fixtures. For demolition projects, Gardner Metal Recycling does not accept materials like concrete debris, wood, or any items with hazardous substances like lead paint or asbestos.

Gardner Metal Recycling provides comprehensive recycling services tailored to the unique needs of demolition projects. Our expertise ensures efficient handling and recycling of these varied metal scraps, turning potential waste into a valuable resource. This service not only aids in the environmental aspect of demolition but also offers a financial return, contributing to the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of demolition operations.

Mechanical Contractors Scrap Metal Recycling

At Gardner Metal Recycling, we provide specialized services for mechanical contractors, focusing on recycling metals like steel and copper commonly found in machinery. Our process excludes hazardous materials such as asbestos, biowaste, and flammable liquids, as well as non-metallic refuse. We emphasize a transparent recycling process, where we unload, sort, grade, and weigh your scrap metal right in front of you on certified scales with visible read-out monitors. This ensures you receive a fair and transparent value for your scrap metal, contributing to the operational efficiency and profitability of your mechanical contracting business.

Window and Glass Contractors Scrap Metal Recycling

We offer tailored recycling solutions for window and glass contractors, primarily focusing on aluminum frames and other metal components. Our services exclude glass and non-metallic waste to streamline the recycling process. At Gardner Metal Recycling, we understand the importance of fair compensation for your scrap.

We conduct the unloading, sorting, grading, and weighing of your scrap metal transparently, using certified scales with visible read-outs. This process guarantees a fair market value for your materials, ensuring your business benefits financially from our recycling services.

Signage Company Scrap Metal Recycling

Specializing in services for signage companies, Gardner Metal Recycling efficiently recycles metals like aluminum and steel, which are commonly used in sign structures. We avoid recycling non-metallic materials, such as plastic, to focus exclusively on metal scrap. Our process includes unloading, sorting, grading, and weighing your scrap metal in front of you, ensuring transparency. Using certified scales with visible read-outs, we provide a fair and transparent valuation for your scrap. This approach not only streamlines your recycling efforts but also maximizes the financial return on your scrap metal.

If you prefer for our expert team to pick up your scrap metals at your jobsite, we can do that as well. We also can drop off the container of your choice, and, once full, retrieve and replace it at a time convenient for your schedule. In fact, creating a customized scrap metal recycling program for contractors is one of Gardner Metal Recycling’s strengths.

We work with companies of all sizes. Our experienced team stands ready to work with individual contractors as well. As your go-to scrap metal buyers in Austin, TX, we aim to build a relationship built on trust and dependability.

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Utility Service Providers

Delivering power, water, telecom and other utilities comes with a host of challenges not to mention environmental laws and regulations. For electrical co-ops, utility companies and municipalities, dealing with the addition of a scrap metal recycling program and its accompanying jargon can be confusing. As your procurement partner, Gardner Metal Recycling can help you navigate this territory.

Electrical Co-ops Scrap Metal Recycling Solutions

Gardner Metal Recycling offers specialized solutions for electrical co-ops, focusing on recycling metals integral to electrical infrastructure. We address specific needs like copper wire and aluminum tower recycling, ensuring efficient scrap management aligned with co-op operations.

Utility Companies Scrap Metal Recycling Solutions

Tailored for utility companies, this section covers solutions for recycling metals from various utilities, including electricity, gas, and water. Our services are designed to manage and recycle infrastructure metals like steel, copper, and brass, aiding in sustainable operations.

Municipalities Scrap Metal Recycling Solutions

For municipalities, we provide recycling solutions for metals from public infrastructure projects. Our services help in efficiently managing and recycling metals used in transportation and public utilities, streamlining the process for municipal entities.

Telecommunications Companies Scrap Metal Recycling

Tailored for telecommunications providers, we also recycle metal scrap from network infrastructure, including metal towers and cables. Our services streamline the recycling of these materials, enhancing operational efficiency.

Water Treatment Facilities Scrap Metal Recycling

Our team can address the needs of water treatment facilities, covering the recycling of scrap from metal pipes, tanks, and machinery used in water processing. We provide solutions that ensure efficient and responsible recycling of these materials.

We’ll work with you to set up, organize and maintain a scrap metal recycling program that works for your business. In addition, we can help you set up a contract, expand a contract, and provide a quote for more service. Our trusted team will serve as your expert advisors, offering the answers you need to make the most of scrap metal recycling.

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If You Work With Metal, We're The Metal Recycling Company for You

Gardner Metal Recycling in Austin is your partner for comprehensive scrap metal recycling services. With over 60 years of experience, we cater to a broad range of industries and individual needs. Our expertise spans manufacturing, industrial facilities, contractors, and utility service providers.

We offer customized recycling plans, container rentals, and efficient pickup or drop-off services. Our commitment is to deliver reliable, transparent, and profitable recycling solutions, helping you manage your scrap metal effectively and enhancing your business's sustainability. Partner with us for a hassle-free recycling experience tailored to your specific needs.

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