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A demolition project can leave a big mess, along with a pile of scrap metal you don’t have the time or equipment to deal with in your operations. That’s where Gardner Metal Recycling comes in. We stand ready to come in, collect all the scrap metal, haul it off, sort it and, of course, recycle it. We offer all these services at a competitive price that’s substantially lower than that of a conventional demolition service.

In fact, there are several benefits to hiring Gardner Metal Recycling to clear your site.

  • We do all the work. Our expert team will come in, evaluate the site, bring in the proper equipment and clear your site, leaving it ready for you to start your project.
  • You save money. When we clear your site, we take every piece of scrap metal to our facility for recycling. For every piece we recycle, you receive a discount off your total bill. The more we recycle, the more you save.
  • You help protect the environment. With every piece of scrap metal we recycle, that’s one less piece in the landfill. It also means fewer nonrenewable resources will be used going forward. And it keeps harmful chemicals from ending up in our waterways.

Gardner Metal Recycling offers demolition and clearing services to make your job easier, ensuring your project is off to a good start. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Before, during and after our demo project from the City of Round Rock.

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