CAT 5 Cable Recycling in Austin


Category 5 (cat 5) cable is an insulated twisted pair cable that is often used for wiring computer networks and communications equipment. Cat 5 is easily identified by its PVC coating, which may even have the words “Category 5” or “Category 5e” printed right on it. Because the interior twisted pairs are made of coated copper wire, cat 5 recycling can earn you some cash at the scrapyard.

Though cat 5 cable scrap has a lower value than clean copper wire, it is much easier to find. Electricians, network technicians and remodeling companies are all potential sources for cat 5 scrap. With communications systems regularly being updated, tech companies in your area may be happy to find someone who will take scrap cable off their hands.

What Is the Current Cat 5 Cable Scrap Value?

The cat 5 wire scrap price that you get will depend on the market price of copper. Because prices fluctuate, we recommend calling ahead for a quote to determine whether your haul is worth the trip.

Also, if you want to get the cat 5 communication wire scrap price, make sure to separate your items. Prices are set by weight, so your offer will be determined by taking into account the least valuable material in the batch that we weigh.

Some people choose to strip their cat 5 cable to get the clean copper wire price. This process can be intensive, so you should weigh the added time and effort against the current cat 5 scrap value when deciding whether to clean your scrap wire.

Contact us today to get a free quote for your scrap, and find out how much green your cat 5 stash is worth!