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As a major suburb of Austin, Cedar Park remains popular for both residents and businesses. In fact, GOBankingRates recently named Cedar Park the third best suburb in the nation for growing families, while WalletHub named it the tenth best small city in America. It’s no wonder that Cedar Park is the seventh fastest-growing large city in the United States, per the U.S. Census Bureau.

Cedar Park’s popularity bleeds over into the business sector as well, with thriving industries in manufacturing, building, high tech and more. Of course, along with those industries comes a need for scrap metal recycling, and Gardner Metal Recycling’s expert team stands ready to deliver a customized scrap metal recycling solution for your business.

For those new to scrap metal recycling, here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding these services:

  • What metals does Gardner Metal Recycling accept? We accept a large variety of both ferrous and nonferrous metals for recycling. These include brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and more in a variety of forms such as sheet metal, bare and insulated wire, electric motors, pipe fittings and more.
  • Do you offer scrap pick up near me? Yes, we do. Give us a call, and we’ll schedule a pickup convenient for your schedule. We offer free pickup for all loads with a minimum of 2,000 pounds of nonferrous metals or a minimum of 6,000 pounds of ferrous metals.
  • Can I rent a container for my jobsite? Absolutely. We offer a variety of containers so you can find the right fit for your project. Plus, we’ll bring it to your jobsite and set it up. Once it’s full, give us a call and we’ll come pick it up. If necessary, we’ll replace it with an empty container so you can keep working without disruption.
  • Do you perform demolition and clearing? Yes! Our experienced team brings our own equipment to your jobsite, clears it, and transports, sorts and recycles all metals from the property.

Family-owned and -operated for more than 60 years, Gardner Metal Recycling is ready to serve as your Cedar Park business’s scrap metal recycling partner. Contact us today to learn more and see how we can create a customized scrap metal recycling solution for you.

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