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Gardner Metal Recycling is not currently in the market for aluminum cans, but we encourage you to find a local recycling center to take your cans. We do take other forms of aluminum scrap metal. Read on to learn about aluminum can recycling.

Recycling aluminum is great, not only to earn some extra cash but also to help the environment. Aluminum is a very sustainable metal, which means that aluminum scrap can be recycled an almost unlimited number of times without losing its integrity. Cans are by far one of the biggest sources of aluminum scrap.

Our economy and environment rely on everyone to collect and recycle the millions of aluminum cans that are produced, used and discarded. Recycling these cans helps reduce the waste in landfills and offsets the carbon footprint required to produce aluminum ore.

How Much Is Aluminum Scrap Worth?

The price for aluminum cans depends on a variety of factors, including the market price of aluminum and the domestic demand of aluminum can scrap (also called UBC).

The best way to know how much your aluminum cans are worth is to call Gardner Metal Recycling. Our team of experts can get you the most up-to-date pricing and pay you on the spot for recycling your cans.

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What Services Do You Offer for Aluminum Can Recycling?

We are currently not recycling aluminum cans from the general public at our facility.

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