Scrap Metal Recycling in Buda

Thanks to its abundance of hike and bike trails and countless small parks—not to mention the sprawling and wildlife-populated Stagecoach Park—Buda has been named the Outdoor Capital of Texas. As a Buda resident, you know that preserving and maintaining the natural beauty of so much land means making responsible choices to benefit the environment. That means doing your best to properly recycle as much and as often as possible.

If you’ve got leftover scrap metal at your home or worksite, we are here to help you recycle it. Gardner Metal Recycling has been a family owned and operated Austin recycling center in Central Texas since 1954. We love where we live, and we love serving Central Texans by making scrap metal recycling as stress free as possible.

We offer a variety of metal recycling services, from scrap metal pickup to on-site container delivery and demolition services. Best of all, we even offer on-the-spot payment for the following materials at our South Austin facility:

  • Aluminum (aluminum can recycling, window & door frames, sheet and aluminum alloys)
  • Copper (all types of copper, including #1 and #2 copper pipe and wire)
  • Brass (all types, including red and yellow brass)
  • Stainless steel (all types)
  • Electronics (various types including electric motors, motherboards, power supplies and heat sinks)
  • Ferrous metals (various types of steel, iron and tin, including cast, structural, plate, prepared and unprepared, cold rolled and busheling)
  • High temp. alloys (Hastelloy, Inconel, Nitronic, molybdenum, titanium and tantalum)
    Aluminum cans

When you visit us here at Gardner Metals, our friendly staff will do all the work unloading and sorting your materials for you, so that all you have to do is count the money we pay you for your recycling. At just 8 miles northeast of Buda, our Austin recycling center is a quick drive away. Getting rid of your scrap metals—and getting paid for it—has never been more convenient.

Ready to recycle your Buda scrap metal? Contact us today to find out current prices.