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The formerly sleepy little town of Manor, Texas, has been making national headlines in recent years, as it carefully balances explosive growth with maintaining the quality of life that made it America’s 20th best small suburb in 2019.

The population of Manor has increased by a staggering 340 percent since 2010, with an average population growth of 14-16 percent annually. While much of this growth has been driven by the appealing combination of affordable housing and proximity to Austin, local businesses are also benefiting from renewed investment and expansion. Industries like construction, utilities and waste management are thriving in Manor.

For the businesses that support Manor’s growth and development, waste removal and recycling have become an increasingly important consideration. Construction and expansion generate waste and scrap metal and these materials can be recycled to promote sustainable growth and support the local economy. For contractors, developers and industrial partners, Gardner Metals offers a range of ways to make Manor metal recycling simple and profitable.

Here is a brief overview of what you need to know about Manor recycling:

  • What scrap metals can I recycle in Manor? Gardner Metals can recycle almost all scrap metals, including copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel and exotic alloys. We offer great prices for industrial and construction scrap metal, ewaste, cable and wire and more.
  • What are current Manor scrap copper prices? Because metal prices fluctuate so often, it’s best to contact us for a price quote for your scrap copper recycling in Manor.
  • How does Gardner Metals make Manor scrap recycling easy? Gardner Metals has been a professional scrap metal recycling partner for over 60 years. We keep our facilities clean and organized and offer a huge range of ways to make scrap metal recycling in Manor fast, easy and profitable. Depending on your needs, you can bring your scrap metal to us, rent scrap metal containers for your job site or partner with us for demolition and site clearing.

Our professional consultants provide you with comprehensive solutions for sorting, preparing and transporting your scrap metals, and offer fair and competitive prices. We work with companies to design comprehensive scrap metal recycling programs that are good for business and good for the environment.

For the best Manor scrap metal recycling options that work for you, contact Gardner Metals for a professional consultation and a competitive quote today.

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