Scrap Metal Value 2021

Metal recycling is an indispensable facet of American manufacturing. Recycling saves space in landfills, conserves natural resources and greatly reduces pollution. It takes less energy to repurpose metal from an old product than it does to mine new ore for the same purpose. 

Circuit boards, cans, catalytic converters and copper wire are all common items people deliver to scrap yards every day. That said, some metals are worth more than others, and the value of metal is constantly in flux. 

What’s Important to Know About Current Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound in Austin?

The laws of supply and demand affect the price of scrap metal the same as any other product. Fuel prices, shipping costs and availability all play a part in determining the current value. Metal also follows other market trends. For instance, if the housing market is booming the price of copper will go up because there is a higher demand for that metal to be used in pipes and wiring. 


Aluminum is found in countless products that we use every day. From cans to cell phones to automobiles, aluminum seems to be in everything. It is a soft and malleable metal that is traded based on quality. There are many classifications for the aluminum being bought and sold in America’s scrap yards. 
The aluminum prices in 2021 have seen an uptick. Aluminum is made from bauxite. Australia and Guinea are two of the world’s top bauxite-producing nations. Because bauxite is traded on speculation, any events that traders believe could affect the supply chain will undoubtedly cause the price of bauxite to rise or fall. 

Earlier this year Guinean President Alpha Condé was ousted in a coup causing uncertainty amongst traders about the bauxite supply chain. In addition, China has become a net importer of aluminum, reducing the available supply of aluminum to Europe and the U.S. Here are some aluminum prices that your local metal recycling center should be able to price per pound:

  • Al/Cu Reefers Scrap
  • Aluminum Cans
  • ACSR Wire Scrap
  • CATV-Insulated Scrap
  • Aluminum Coolers Dirty Scrap


Lead is used for paints, ammunition, car batteries and crystal. It is a very pliable metal with a low melting point. 

The value of lead has increased recently because of supply concerns related to disruptions in mining due to COVID-19. As mining operations resume and supplies are replenished, lead prices are expected to fall. Here are some lead prices that a recycling center should be able to price out, per pound:

  • Mixed Lead Scrap
  • Hard Lead Scrap
  • Industrial Batteries Scrap 
  • Lead Wheel Weights Scrap
  • Irony Lead Scrap


Brass is used for many products where corrosion resistance and low friction are a necessity. Musical instruments, ammunition casings, hinges, plumbing fixtures and radiators all use brass. Here are some different types of brass that are priced per pound:

  • Yellow Brass Shell Casings Scrap
  • Yellow Brass Turnings Scrap
  • Mixed Brass Turnings Scrap
  • Irony Brass Scrap
  • Brass Breakage


Another extremely malleable metal, copper, is known for its conductive properties and is therefore frequently used for wiring. Underinvestment in this metal over the past decade has caused supply issues as demand has increased. Ask a metal recycling center to help you price:

  • Copper Scrap
  • Light Copper Scrap
  • Copper Scrap
  • Heater Cores Scrap
  • Copper Scrap (Dirty)

Stainless Steel

One of the most recycled metals in the world, stainless steel is used in construction, elevators and cookware. High demand and many steel mills shuttering has caused a spike in the value of steel. Here are some types of stainless steel scrap metal that are priced per pound:

  • 316 Stainless Steel Solid Scrap
  • 316 Prepared Stainless Steel Solid Scrap
  • 304 Stainless Steel Scrap
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel Scrap
  • 304 Stainless Steel Turning Scrap

Supply chain issues, mining disruptions, political unrest and diminished availability all play a role in determining the current price of metals. If you trade in metals it is best to stay up to date on what is happening in countries that produce the raw material used in metal production, whether that be climate change, political instability or pandemic.

What can Gardner Metal Recycling do for You?

Gardner Metal Recycling is a scrap metal recycling facility located in Austin, Texas. We offer many different services for contractors, utility service providers, manufacturers and individuals. 

Scrap Metal Pickup

Scrap metal can pile up on a job site in the blink of an eye. It poses safety issues and can attract unwanted attention from thieves to a construction project. 

Oftentimes clients end up with more scrap metal than they are capable of hauling themselves. At no charge to the client, Gardner Metal Recycling will drop containers to your site for scrap metal collection. See our list of available container sizes. Scheduling is easy and we work around your schedule. 

Container Rental

If you have ongoing projects and need a scrap metal container for an extended period of time, we have you covered.

With the population of Texas increasing exponentially there are more houses being built and more demolition projects happening than ever before. 

Once your scrap metal container is full, call us and we’ll pick up your container within 48 hours. 

Demolition Services

We offer full-service demolition clearing. After conducting a site evaluation, we will begin hauling your scrap metal from your demolition project. There is no reason for you to lift a finger. We haul it, sort it and recycle it. The more we are able to recycle, the more we take off of your bill. It’s that simple. 

Why Choose Gardner Metal Recycling?

We have provided metal recycling services to Central Texas for the past 60 years. You don’t stay in business that long without doing something right. And, as always, we offer the most competitive scrap metal prices in Austin, Texas.

We would love nothing more than to work with you and your team to take care of all of your scrap metal needs. To learn more about us or to request a quote, visit us at Gardner Metals or call us at 512-982-0447. Or sign up to receive bi-monthly scrap metal price alerts.