Electronics Recycling Center in Austin

At Gardner Metal Recycling, we buy various types of electronics to be recycled.

This world's technology moves fast. As soon as the newest, latest version of something is released, the old version goes by the wayside. Sadly, this old technology often ends up in landfills. Instead of dumping electronics, recycle electronics! Sell them to us and make money while you benefit the environment.

We accept electric motors, motherboards, power supplies, heat sinks and more.

Electronic recycling is one of the best ways to finally get rid of that old computer sitting in your garage or office, in a safe and secure way, and make some money while you're at it! We recycle electronics of many kinds because we find that computer and electronics recycling is not only good for the environment but a convenient service to our customers as well.

There are many precious metals housed within your old computers, radios and more that are just waiting for their next life by way of metal recycling. So, not only will you be getting that hunk of junk out of your house, you’ll be bringing home some cash for your trouble. If you're looking for computer recycling in Austin, TX, you know where to go!

Not sure if we will accept your material? Just give us a call!

As Austin's premier electronic recycling center, we offer competitive pricing for your ewaste recycling with easy and professional drop-off.

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