Carbide Recycling in Austin


If you’ve ever wondered, “Can I recycle carbide scrap near me?” we have your answer at Gardner Metal Recycling. With solid carbide scrap fetching some of the highest prices at the scrapyard, it’s no wonder that many scrappers and machine shops are interested in carbide recycling. Read on to learn more.

Carbide, also called tungsten carbide, is an extremely strong and dense metal compound. In addition to its hardness, carbide has a very high melting point, making it suitable for heavy jobs. Due to this durability, carbide is used for drill bits, saw blade tips, mining equipment, airplane and automotive parts, and heavy-duty ammunition. It also is used for more delicate jobs such as surgical and dental instruments, jewelry and even the ball tips of pens.

But most scrappers don’t just recycle carbide drills and blades. Types of scrap carbide range from solid pieces to gratings, dust or carbide sludge (also called swarf). You may find some carbide on tools and sporting goods, but due to the cost of carbide you are most likely to find your carbide scrap at machine shops. Calling around to local manufacturers may net you some scrap, but be ready to make an offer, as many shops know that carbide is a valuable find.

How Much Is Carbide Worth?

The carbide recycling price you are able to collect will depend on a few factors:

  • Market price. Your scrap offer will be dependent on the market price for carbide at that time, as it is with all scrap metals. Carbide scrap prices have a large range and tend to fluctuate, so you may want to call us for the going rate to ensure that you’ve collected an amount that is worth your trip to the recycling yard.
  • Condition. The condition of your scrap carbide is also important. The higher the tungsten content in your scrap, the better the price you will get. This can be evaluated when you come to the scrapyard, but be sure to separate out your carbide to get the best price.
  • Type. The type of carbide you bring in will impact the price we can offer. Solid carbide scrap will get top dollar, but carbide sludge prices will not be as high because the amount of tungsten carbide is lower. Generally, a heavier sludge per volume will get a higher price, since that means it has a higher carbide content.

Contact us today with your carbide questions or to get a free quote for all of your scrap.