The Five Best Things to Recycle for Money

The Five Best Things to Recycle for Money

You have scrap metal. You need money.

We have a solution.

If you’re a contractor, manufacturer, creator, fabricator, or work in any industry that generates scrap metal, you might be overlooking a potential revenue generator for your business.

Ready to turn that pile of junk into something more useful? Learn more about how Gardner Metal Recycling can turn these five types of junk materials into cash.


Aluminum is routinely one of the most profitable metals to recycle. This metal is often used in many industries, and you can find aluminum in gutters, home siding, doors, cars, soda cans, and food cans.

Aluminum is versatile and available, so it is one of the best choices for recycling for money. Whether you have soda cans in the office or scrap siding at your business, you can make money by recycling aluminum.


Brass is not common in American homes these days, but it is still good for recycling for money. Brass can be mixed with many metals, including aluminum or steel. So, reviewing the items you want to sell for scrap is essential.

Brass is popular to recycle because it does not use as much energy as other metals when it is repurposed. It requires less heat and electricity to recycle than steel or aluminum. That is why it is one of the greenest metals on earth, so see if you can find brass to recycle!


Scrap copper is valuable and is often found in homes and businesses. Copper is always in high demand, and you can sell it for a handsome profit. Copper is often in sinks, fixtures, pipes, electric wires, and many electronics.

Copper is an excellent metal to scrap if you are remodeling your home. It can also be leftover after manufacturing processes in businesses, so it is worth collecting as much scrap copper as possible for cash.


The world of technology changes quickly. The old model is worth less when you have the newest TV or cell phone. Many older electronics are tossed in landfills but can be sold for money.

Some of the electronics that can be sold for cash are power supplies, motherboards, TVs, and heat sinks.

Many scrap experts say recycling electronics is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase scrap ROI in a business. If there are outdated electronics in your organization, we can schedule to pick them up at your office.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is found in many products these days. While it is not worth as much money for scrap, you can find it in old cars, microwaves, and refrigerators. You should ensure the scrap stainless steel is clean before trying to sell it. It is not worth as much if it is covered in oil or grease.

Pickup Services Available

Are you working on a large construction or business project? If you have significant amounts of scrap metal lying around that is hard to move, Gardner Metal Recycling offers a scrap metal pickup service that will come to your job site.

Our team can even bring a flatbed truck or container to move your scrap metal to its final destination. We have a fleet of vehicles that can haul large amounts of scrap metal in the Austin region. Let us know what you need to have removed and how much. Then, we will come to you to pick up your scrap metal.

For pickup, you should have at least 2,000 pounds of recyclable, non-ferrous metal or 6,000+ pounds of iron.

Tips for Selling Scrap for More Money

Organizing your scrap metals according to the amount and type is essential. Some metals, including copper, are worth more but may be missed when mixed with other scraps.

For example, do you have more aluminum scrap than copper? First, your home or business should put the metals in different containers. Then, label them to keep everything straight.

Next, remember to protect all scrap metal from the elements. For example, if you want to sell ferrous metals, they will rust if overexposed to water and oxygen. Rust reduces the volume of the metal. So you will get less money for your scrap.

Also, non-ferrous metals that do not contain iron are worth more. So, you should focus more on collecting and recycling these scrap metals for money.

Focusing on these money-making tips can ensure you get more money for your scrap metals and other recyclables.

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