Moving Offices? Here Are 5 Items to Recycle

Moving offices is a regular part of every company’s lifecycle. Even if the business is moving for positive reasons such as staff growth or a more desirable location, most managers do not look forward to dealing with an office move. 

But there is a silver lining. As you take stock of everything in your office, it’s a perfect time to let go of the items that are outdated, unnecessary and no longer working. Some of your office leftovers may even be worth cash at the metal recycling yard! Here are five common office items that can be recycled.

1.  Office Computers

Whether your office computers are laptops or desktops, computer recycling services are available to ensure that your computers are not sent to the junkyard. Computers contain motherboards, circuit boards and wiring that may be reused or recycled into new items. Recycling your old computers makes a big difference for keeping unsafe materials out of landfills.

Before taking your computer to the recycler, you should follow the proper steps to ensure that you do not lose any valuable data or hardware. While many recyclers have practices to responsibly dispose of disks that contain data, make sure that you follow your company’s practices on data disposal first, before recycling your computers.

2. Other Electronic Office Equipment

Within the last 10 years, modern offices have become leaner. Office machines like faxes, copiers and printers are used less and less. Some companies have scrapped their landline phone system for the enhanced mobility of company smart phones. These shifts have created an influx of dangerous electronic waste in landfills.

Your old office electronics contain recyclable metal wiring, motors and power supplies. By recycling these items, you ensure that your electronic waste is handled responsibly. 

3. Cords and Cables

We’ve all packed up a box of random cords and wires, labeled it “MISC” and moved it to our new location, only to leave it untouched until our next move. But what you may not realize is that wires, cords and cables can be valuable at the recycling yard. This is because many cords and cables contain copper wire, which gets some of the best prices at the scrap yard.

If you are remodeling your new location, you may have even more old wiring on your hands. Look into scrap metal removal from a metal recycling yard to ensure that remodeling materials are disposed of responsibly. You may even make some cash for doing your due diligence!

4. Office Furniture

The furniture in your office is also likely recyclable. Filing cabinets, shelving, lamps and cubicle dividers may be made from aluminum, steel or other iron alloys that are often accepted at metal recycling facilities. Though furniture like desks and chairs may be made from mixed materials, a metal recycling yard may still accept them as recyclable.

If transporting your heavy metal furnishings to the recycling yard is more than your business can handle, you may be able to arrange a metal scrap pickup from your recycling facility. 

5. Office Supplies

While emptying drawers and cabinets, you might find stashes of binder clips, staples, binders and paper clips. These items and larger office supplies like staplers, scissors, rulers, desk organizers and wastebaskets may be made of aluminum, steel or other metal alloys that can be recycled. 

Check in with your metal recycling yard to learn more about programs they offer to assist businesses with recycling their office waste. At Gardner Metal Recycling, metal and computer recycling is our business. We offer fair prices for scrap metal and electronics. We even help with scrap metal removal! 

Contact us today to get a quote for your scrap metal and learn more about how we help keep Austin green!