How to Recycle Scrap Metal

Whether laying pipes for commercial plumbing projects, fabricating sheet metal or running utility cables, you know that scrap metal accumulates quickly on the job. Copper pipes, metal shavings, stainless steel and iron are just some of the scrap metals that can start to clutter your job site. However, by recycling your scrap metal, you can not only clear the way for your employees to keep working, but also make some cash in the process. Plus, you do the environment a favor by keeping scrap metal out of landfills.

And by partnering with a recycling yard near you, you can make this process smooth and easy, leaving you more time to focus on your own business operations. Follow these steps to start recycling your Austin scrap metal today. 

1. Know What Metals You Can Recycle

      Unfortunately, you cannot recycle all scrap metals. Metals you can recycle include: 

  • Stainless steel
  • Carbide 
  • Iron 
  • Steel
  • Tin
  • Cable and wire
  • Catalytic converters
  • Electronics 
  • Aluminum                                     

2. Gather Your Scrap, and Bring It In 

To start recycling your scrap metal, you’ll need to collect it for transport to one of the recycling yards near you. You can gather your scrap and bring it to the recycling yard, where it will be unloaded and weighed. There, you’ll receive a price quote for your scrap metal, which you can accept or decline. If you choose to accept it, you will be  paid right away. 

Or, Arrange to Have Your Scrap Metal Picked Up

If you prefer, you can gather your scrap and make arrangements for an Austin scrap metal hauler to come pick it up. Experienced scrap metal haulers will schedule a pickup with you to pick up the scrap metal and take it to the recycling yard, where they will unload and weigh it. Afterward, you will receive payment for your scrap metal. 

Scheduling a pickup can be a one-time event or, if you have ongoing scrap metal recycling needs, can be arranged   at regular intervals from your job site. 

3. If Needed, Arrange for a Scrap Metal Container

Having a place to collect your scrap metal can be a challenge at your job site. To help you solve this problem, many recycling yards offer the option to rent containers where you can toss your leftover metal pieces or metal shavings. These can range from collapsible cages and cardboard boxes to steel containers and large roll-off dumpsters. 

In addition, scrap metal haulers can pick up the container once it’s full and replace it with an empty container, so you can keep working. You also have the option to set up a schedule for regular container pickup and replacement, so you don’t even have to think about it. 

Ready to Set Up Your Own Scrap Metal Recycling Program? 

We understand that recycling scrap metals can be a confusing process, particularly if you have to adhere to environmental laws and regulations. At Gardner Metals, our expert team of scrap metal haulers can work with you to craft a customized scrap metal recycling program that best serves your business needs. 

To help you get started, call us today at (512) 994-2947 or schedule a free consultation online.