Who Buys Scrap Metal Near Me?

If you have scrap metals, it’s important to consider finding a scrap metal buyer near you to recycle the material. This process is beneficial for all involved parties. Those who need to get rid of their scrap metal are unburdened by excess materials, compensated for their product and provided peace of mind that they’re reducing their environmental impact. In turn, the scrap yard is able to recycle the metals to help them create new products.

To begin the process of recycling your scrap metal, finding scrap buyers near you is the first step. Search for trusted, local companies that have a great reputation, a wide range of accepted metals and a long history in the industry. Knowing that you are partnering with an expert in scrap metal recycling can not only help you get the best deal but also ensure that the metal recycling process is professional and environmentally friendly. 

In addition, understanding the scrap metal buying and recycling process helps. Here, we discuss a few common questions related to scrap metal recycling. 

Who Can Recycle Scrap Metal? 

From commercial businesses to local residents, everyone can sell scrap metal to a scrap yard near them. While commercial businesses such as construction and manufacturing companies may have a keen understanding of how scrap metal recycling works, first-time sellers—such as homeowners doing renovations—may be unsure about the process. A bit of research on the types of scrap metals that are recyclable and how to sell to a scrap metal buyer near you will help. 

What Kind of Scrap Metal Can I Recycle?

Although every scrap metal buyer may have a different list of products they accept, common metals accepted at scrap yards include: 

  • Aluminum: cans, window and door frames, sheet, aluminum alloy, etc.
  • Copper: pipes, wire, etc. 
  • Electronics: motors, motherboards, power supplies, etc. 
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Iron
  • Tin

How Can I Get the Most Money for My Scrap Metal?

Different types of metals have different values. Their prices are constantly fluctuating because metals are commodities whose value depends on demand in the current marketplace. Due to this, you’ll likely find that scrap metal buyers near you have varying prices. What you see as the purchase price for a metal one day may be different the next. The best way to determine scrap metal prices is to contact a scrap yard near you. The sales team can tell you the current rate, and you can decide when to sell based on this price. 

In addition, bringing your metals in for a quote can help you get a more accurate assessment of the value of your product. This is because the pricing for metal can vary based on the weight, condition and accessibility of your metal. Sorting your metals before visiting a scrap yard will also help increase your quote. 

Gardner Metal Recycling—Austin’s Scrap Metal Buyers

For over 50 years Gardner Metal Recycling has been a local leader in purchasing and recycling scrap metals. In addition to buying scrap metal, we offer a range of commercial services that help benefit businesses and the community, including dumpster rental, scrap pickup services, and demolition and clearing. 

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