Avoid These Three Expensive Mistakes with Scrap Metal Pickup

We’ve all been there—that moment when the thing that was supposed to be a convenience becomes a burden. Maybe it was a data entry program that crashed at 5 p.m. on a Friday. Maybe it was a shortcut down an alley that resulted in getting lost and arriving late to a job interview. What makes these scenarios even worse is knowing how easily a bit of planning and research could have prevented the issue. 

When it comes to scrap metal recycling pickup, misinformation can cause what should be a time-saving revenue stream to become an expensive schedule snag. Avoid these three common mistakes to ensure that your scrap metal recycling program benefits you.

Paying for Removal Instead of Getting Paid for Your Scrap Metal

Enter scrap pick up near me into any browser and you will find plenty of options for removal of scrap material. Some companies may have lists of items that they will haul away, including scrap metals, appliances and electronics. However, this does not mean that they specialize or have the tools to handle scrap metal recycling. 

If the company is touting the removal of refuse as the main service it provides, you will likely be expected to pay by the pound for everything it takes off your hands. Even if the company picks up scrap metal for free, you may not be getting the best deal. It’s also important to note that not all companies that pick up scrap metal will recycle it.

While you may need the convenience of scrap metal pickup, you still deserve to be compensated for the value of the materials you have on hand. Scrap metal recycling professionals should be willing and able to help you identify your scrap metal pickup needs, offer you tools and resources to save you time, and also provide a fair price for your scrap metal. You should also be able to feel confident that your scrap is not going to be sent to a landfill when it could be recycled and reused.

Hiring a Pickup Company Without the Tools or Training to Handle Your Scrap Metal

Every project that produces scrap metal—whether it’s construction, demolition or manufacturing—is going to look different. Some may have larger amounts of scrap metal than others, and the scrap may be unfamiliar or require special handling. That’s where having reliable professionals can help with your scrap metal recycling pickup needs. 

For projects currently in progress, a professional who picks up scrap metal should be able to offer solutions for on-site storage that take into account the specifications needed for the types of scrap metal that you will need removed. This may mean offering bins of various sizes and types, such as those that have added security or safety measures for high-value or hazardous scrap metal. Having your scrap metal picked up by trained personnel also reduces the chance of an accident at your job site.

Planning Your Project Around the Pickup Company’s Schedule

Any experienced project manager will tell you that time is money. That is why it’s so important to find a scrap metal company that understands the nature of your project and has the flexibility to meet your scheduling needs. If you have to adjust your timeline to fit into a pickup schedule or route, you could run into issues of rushing a job or unnecessary downtime impacting your budget.

At Gardner Metals, we know that construction, demolition and manufacturing professionals have a lot on their plate. That’s why we provide a scrap metal recycling pickup service that checks all the boxes. We give you a fair price for your scrap metal, provide the resources and know-how you need, and maintain flexibility with scheduling. Contact us to learn more and get a quote for your project.