Why You Should Sort Scrap Metal

Why Sort Scrap Metal? Scrap metal is all around us, and for many people that’s where it stays. Whether you’re dealing with a former industrial site or just broken-down appliances or vehicles, it’s easy to find examples of scrap that are ripe for recycling—sometimes overripe. 

Too many people fail to take advantage of recycling, perhaps due to lack of time or desire. Or maybe they just don’t know where to start! Well, that’s easy—sort your scrap! Sorting through scrap metal is an important part of the recycling process. 

When you sort your scrap metal, you can identify the highest value metals you have on hand and get them into the recycling system, ensuring that the planet will have more of whatever valuable metal you were sitting on—and that you make some extra money. 

How Much Cash Can I Get for My Scrap?

As with any sort of salvage metal, the value of your scrap will be determined by a few factors. Some metals have higher values than others, so sorting your scrap will help you determine what to prioritize as well as get a better idea of what value to expect from a recycling yard. Once it’s all sorted, the grade of your metal and the current market value will be the main determiners of your value, so be sure to check with a local scrap yard for the latest scrap cost. 

Depending on the level of incorporation of your scrap—meaning, how closely it is bonded to other materials—it may be difficult to fully separate everything. But if possible, sorting in advance of a trip to the scrap yard will help make things run more smoothly once the scrap metal recycling professionals are involved. 

If dropping off your materials isn’t convenient, most scrap yards can also help with scrap removal and pickup while providing a fair price for your metal. That way, you get paid without the hassle of collecting, cleaning or hauling in your scrap. 

To learn more about sorting scrap and to get a price quote for your Austin metal recycling, contact us today.