What Is the Price of Scrap Tungsten?

Though most tungsten in the United States is imported (the vast majority comes from China) finding it in the scrap heap is fairly simple wherever you are. Tungsten is used in a wide variety of common items, including jewelry, golf clubs, knives, tools and plenty of other everyday appliances. Tungsten is useful for its durability, which probably contributes to its relatively high recycle value. Most recycling yards will be able to provide you with cash for your tungsten scrap, so make sure to put it to good use!

What Is Tungsten Scrap?

Tungsten comes from natural ore but is most commonly found combined with carbon to form tungsten carbide. It is prized for its strength—with approximately twice the stiffness of steel—which makes it ideal for items such as machinery, jewelry and even armor-piercing shells. 

If you find yourself recycling industrial equipment (anything for surgical use, drilling or construction), any sort of heavy-duty sporting gear or even tires, you are likely to be dealing with plenty of tungsten.

Why Recycle Tungsten?

Due to the relative difficulty of obtaining tungsten ore, recycling tungsten scrap is vitally important in contributing to the supply of raw tungsten materials. As it is primarily composed of naturally occurring resources, sustainability is a key issue when it comes to keeping tungsten in circulation.

Additionally, while tungsten in most forms is not considered toxic, tungsten dust can cause lung issues in some cases, so leaving it unattended and unrecycled may pose a hazard.

But the most immediate reason for recycling tungsten, especially to anyone with a lot of scrap on their hands, is certainly its value. Compared to most other common scrap metals, including steel and aluminum, tungsten price per pound will generally be higher.  

How Much Cash Can I Get for Scrap Tungsten?

When it comes to tungsten scrap price, the value of your salvage will mostly depend on the grade of the tungsten. As most tungsten is synthesized into tungsten carbide, the ratio of tungsten to carbon will be the main factor in determining tungsten carbide price. Prices will also depend on current market demand in your location, so be sure to check with a local scrap yard for the latest tungsten cost. 

Because of how most tungsten is incorporated with other elements, separating it is the key to getting the best price for your scrap. Unfortunately, its incorporation with other materials may make separating it extremely time consuming, so it may be necessary to get a professional involved. 

If you have a lot of tungsten scrap, consider bringing your tungsten to an experienced tungsten recycling expert at a recycling yard near you. If dropping off the materials isn’t convenient, they can also help with scrap removal and pickup while providing a fair price for your tungsten. That way, you get paid without the hassle of collecting, cleaning or hauling in your tungsten scrap. 

To learn more about tungsten scrap and to get a price quote for your tungsten recycling, call us today.