Scrap Metal Shavings: A Secret Source of Cash

Ready to “shave” some money off your manufacturing overhead? All puns aside, recycling scrap metal shavings and other manufacturing by-products can be very cost effective. Recycling creates an additional source of revenue for your manufacturing business, and it helps you offset production costs.

scrap metal shavings

A Wealth of Revenue Under Your Feet

All day, every day, your manufacturing processes generate metal. Scrap metal shavings, chips, turnings, filings and swarf—we don’t have to tell you how much scrap is created by industrial metal grinding, drilling, filing and boring.


Many commercial metal by-products have value for reuse. Both aluminum shavings scrap and aluminum turnings scrap can be turned over to an industrial metal recycling center in exchange for cash, opening up an convenient secondary revenue source for manufacturing companies.


Metal recycling centers also accept scrap iron and other ferrous metals, steel, copper and metals like titanium. Recycling centers will clean and thermally recover these materials—and pay you.


Collecting and Storing Scrap Metal Debris

Collecting scrap by-products like scrap metal shavings is often the most difficult part of the metal recycling process for manufacturers, but there are some industrial inventions that can make it easier. Many commercial manufacturing and machining plants see success with metal chip vacuums, a specialized industrial vacuum system capable of handling the sharp edges generated with the debris.


Materials mixed with coolant or lubricant can be recovered for recycling by running them first through a metal briquetting system. These hydraulically powered compactors separate metal filings from expensive coolants and other liquid by-products. The metal pieces are then compacted into a manageable briquette that can be easily transported to a recycling center, while the liquids are recovered for separate reuse or recycling. In one case study led by US Ecology, a manufacturing customer was able to generate a six-figure return by recycling grindings using a metal briquetter.


Reduce Dumpster and Hauling Costs

You may also reduce your disposal and transport costs by initiating a metal recycling program. Many recycling centers establish relationships with industrial facilities, providing storage bins and hauling services for large commercial donors at reduced cost or even for free. These services can create additional cost savings above and beyond the return on donated scrap metal.


Capitalize on Improved Corporate Social Responsibility

In addition to increasing your revenue and reducing your cost, recycling programs can improve your standing with customers and buyers. Recycling initiatives are a large part of many corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, which are associated with increased ROI. In fact, in one study, strong CSR programs were associated with a possible 6 percent market value increase over a 15-year period—not too shabby.


If you’re ready to create a greener tomorrow—in more ways than one—contact your local recycling facility today for more information. Or, for those in the greater Austin area, give Gardner Metal Recycling a call at (512) 982-0447—and make your scrap work for you!