Machine Shop Scrap Metal: A Secret Cash Source

From the long hours to the demanding physicality of the job, there’s no doubt that machinists work hard. And running a shop takes a tough disposition too. After all, machining is a competitive industry, with high overhead costs. Between labor, tooling costs, raw materials and operational expenses, the margins can get a little slim. And that’s not even counting trash removal services for machine shop scrap metal, which in the machining industry are a constant expense.


But what if you could make some money off your scrap instead? You can recycle machine shop scrap  metal any time you want and earn some cash while you’re at it. Whether it’s aluminum sheeting scrap, stainless steel sheet scrap or any other kind of metal sheet scrap, there’s good money to be made in industrial scrap metal salvaging. In fact, bulk scrap metal hauls are often profitable enough to add significant padding to your shop’s bank account. Let’s look at some potential sources of sheet metal scrap in your machine shop.


Machine Shop Scrap Metal Guide


Aluminum Sheeting: Turn Your Scrap into Cash

From aircraft to bike gears, aluminum is everywhere. And it’s no wonder: this durable, pliable material is strong yet flexible, dependable yet affordable. If you’re a machinist, you’ve probably seen your fair share of aluminum sheeting scrap. But you might never have thought of it as an additional source of income.


Stainless Steel Sheeting: There’s Profit in Stainless Steel Scrap

If you’ve ever had surgery, then you’ve witnessed the miracle that is stainless steel medical instruments. Of course, as a machinist, you’re probably in a unique position to appreciate the value of stainless sheeting—but less so, perhaps, of sheet metal operations scrap.


Stainless steel sheeting offers a steady supply of metal sheet scrap to recycle. The price for stainless steel scrap sheets depends on the grade of sheet metal you have on hand. However, rates are usually slightly higher than aluminum sheeting scrap, so it pays to deal in stainless steel.


Water Jet Cutting Scrap Is Ideal for Recycling

If you operate a machine shop, no one has to tell you about the virtues of water jet cutting. But did you know water jet cutting scrap is another hidden source of earnings? In fact, water jet plate scrap is actually ideal for recycling, because there is no oily residue on scrap plate. That means you can score higher rates for your scrap and get more bang for your cuts.


No Scrap Left Behind: Recycling Metal Plate Scrap and Punchings

Tossing metal plate scrap and punching by-product in the trash? You could be throwing money in the dumpster. Industrial metals have a remarkable ability to be melted and re-melted many times over before losing integrity. So no matter how small your scrap is, be it shavings, turnings, punchings, or filings, your local scrap metal dealer can take it off your hands.


Rates fluctuate depending on your scrap metal dealer’s capabilities at the time. However, many metal recycling yards offer services specifically tailored to the needs of industrial businesses, such as special rates or on-site receptacles to hold excess scrap metal.


So what are you waiting for? Contact Gardner Metals to get started selling your machine shop scrap metal today!