Bulk Metal Recyclers in Austin

Bulk scrap metal recycling is a convenient way to create a sustainable future for your small businesses. By recycling scrap metals, we can reduce waste and save on energy used to produce new materials. Metals like copper, steel, aluminum, brass and iron are all examples of reusable, finite resources mined through ore production present in the materials we use to create infrastructure. Find out how you can leverage your bulk metal by recycling it with your trusted bulk scrap metal recycling partners at Gardner Metals.

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal

An important step in determining if you have recyclable metal is by identifying if it is ferrous or non-ferrous. A simple test you can conduct to show this is by taking a magnet and holding it against the metal. If the magnet sticks, it’s a ferrous metal like steel or iron. If the magnet doesn’t stick, it’s a non-ferrous metal like copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and bronze. Although both can be traded for cash at your local scrap metal recycler, non-ferrous metals usually carry a heavier value compared to ferrous metals. 

Bulk Metal Recycling 

For more than 60 years, Gardner Metals has accommodated the city of Austin in its scrap metal recycling needs. As industry leaders, we have implemented a range of services with a focus on developing solid, long-term relationships with local scrap metal dealers. As part of our premium recycling services offered, Gardner Metals can produce a free quote that estimates the compensation you can receive for your bulk scrap metal recycling needs, including:

  • Bulk aluminum recycling. Aluminum is a non-ferrous, pure metal type characterized by its flexibility and resistance to corrosion and rust. It can be recycled and even re-recycled. Different types of scrap aluminum include cans, sheet aluminum, cast aluminum, aluminum wire, aluminum gutters or siding, aluminum rims and dirty aluminum. 
  • Bulk copper recycling. Copper is by far the most expensive ferrous metal in the scrap metal family. Scrap copper is generally classified into two categories, as either just copper metal or copper cable. Items like cables, wires, pipes, radiators and motors containing copper all fall under this category. You’ll want to assess the grade of copper you have when estimating how much cash you can receive for your collection. 
  • Bulk steel recycling. Bulk recycling is especially important if you’re recycling steel to make the acquisition process worthwhile. Also note that common steel is a ferrous metal and valued significantly less compared to its more resilient, non-ferrous, counterpart, stainless steel.
  • Bulk brass recycling. Brass is a metal alloy consisting of a combination of copper and zinc. It’s an ideal candidate for bulk metal recycling as it commands a good price at high volumes. Plus, it can be found in a vast range of products, like ammunition, automotive parts, fans, door handles and obsolete household products in general.

When it comes to recycling scrap metal, the bigger the better. Recycling scrap metal requires a serious investment in your time and resources. Recycling in bulk makes all of your effort more worthwhile because it can elicit a greater return on investment. Luckily, there is an abundance of scrap metal out there that is relatively easy to find and easy to access.

The next step once you have identified and separated your metals is to contact your local scrap yard. Find a trustworthy dealer that accepts a variety of metals. Call ahead to find out any other procedures necessary when distinguishing your metal. Then it’s time to head on over to the scrap yard and dump your items on the scale to see how much cash you’ve earned. 

Gardner Metals: Your Bulk Scrap Metal Recyclers

Our expert scrap metal consultants can support you with comprehensive solutions for sorting, preparing and transporting your scrap metals. Our fair and competitive prices for bulk metal recycling in Austin help small businesses boost their bottom line by meeting their recycling needs. 

For the best bulk scrap metal recycling options that work for you, contact Gardner Metals for a professional consultation and a competitive quote today.